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International Gap Junction Conference 2013

Join us in Charleston, South Carolina, United States.
The city boasts rich historical flavor and architecture, world-class cuisine
and unspoiled beaches. Charleston is consistently ranked by Conde' Nast
as one of the "must see" destinations in the United States.

The meeting will be held at the historic Francis Marion Hotel.


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Meeting Information

The International Gap Junction Conference (IGJC) is a unique interdisciplinary scientific conference covering all aspects related to intercellular communication mediated by connexins, pannexins and innexins.  The program covers a wide range of cutting-edge topics ranging from structural biochemistry to cell biology to molecular physiology to clinical trials.  Presentations include sessions focusing on roles for connexins and pannexins in specific organ systems, including the cardiovascular system, nervous system, ear, lens, skin and bone.  

Waterfront Park

Diseases directly attributable to connexin mutations will also be covered as well as functions for connexins and pannexins in development and in modulating pathologies such as inflammation, wound healing and cancer.

The IGJC 2013 conference will be held July 13-18 at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC US.  Previous IGJC meetings have attracted over 250 participants, including graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty.   The conference has a history of collegial interactions and inclusion of young investigators at all levels.

There will be 15 thematically organized oral platform sessions of which six will feature invited keynote speakers.  Remaining talks will be selected from the pool of abstracts for oral presentation. Based on our draft schedule, this will allow a program of ̃over 60 abstract-driven talks. 

Qualified abstracts not selected for oral presentations will be programmed as poster sessions. Attendees will also have the option to have abstracts considered only for posters. There will be two poster sessions, each containing at least 50 poster boards, to enable presentation of 100 posters during the meeting. If needed, poster size limits can be changed to increase poster capacity. Posters will be displayed either Sunday-Monday or Tuesday-Wednesday and accessible to participants throughout the day. Poster presenters attend their presentations at one of two scheduled sessions (Sunday or Tuesday afternoon).

The IGJC has a tradition of being a lively, interactive and informative conference. We hope you can join us in Charleston in 2013!