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Thomas Steinberg lab generated rabbit antisera to Cx45 and Cx46

Cx46 in green

Tom Steinberg's lab at Washington University School of Medcine in St. Louis produced rabbit polyclonal antisera that recognize Cx45 or Cx46. These antibodies were made using 6His-tagged fusion proteins encoding the C terminus of rat Cx45 or rat Cx46 as antigens and have been successfully used by numerous researchers. Aliquots of the Steinberg Cx45 and Cx46 antisera currently are available from the Koval Laboratory. Requestors are required to cover charges for shipping on dry ice by FedEx or equivalent expedited shipping. For more information please send us an

For Cx45 antibodies:
Lecanda, F., D. A. Towler, K. Ziambaras, S.-L. Cheng, M. Koval, T. H. Steinberg & R, Civitelli. 1998. Gap junctional communication modulates gene expression in osteoblastic cells. Mol. Biol. Cell, 9:2249-2258. (PubMed)

For Cx46 antibodies:
Koval, M., E. Hick, J. Harley, and T. H. Steinberg. 1997. Connexin46 is retained as monomers in a trans-Golgi compartment of osteoblastic cells. J. Cell Biol., 137:847-857. (PubMed)

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